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   Alpaca = "I'll-pack-a"   

Alpaca Remedy is Firefighter/Family owned & operated. It is our hope to create products that not only provide natural health benefits but taste great as well!

 Our Products 

Alpaca Punch is a blend of 12 natural ingredients and something that you would take 1 TBS. a day.  It may pack a

punch to your immune /digestive system and your taste buds!  Not only can you use is for a natural tonic you can also use

it in coleslaw, add it to a salad or use it to marinade your favorite meat!

Alpaca Dream is a blend of 17 natural ingredients and something that you would take 1 TBS. 30 minutes before bedtime.  It can help to calm your mind and body for a more restful sleep! 

Alpaca Punch Seasoning is a season-all that is made from all of the ingredients of Alpaca Punch minus the honey but with a little sea salt.  This seasoning is sure to pack a punch of flavor to whatever you add it to whether it be roasted veggies, meat, fish, popcorn and more.


Please, rest assured - NO Alpacas are used in any of our products.  The company name & products are inspired by our five alpaca

and is just simply a play on words. (see pun below)


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